The Transition from EdgeView 14 to 15

Recently, a new version of EdgeView was launched containing many new exciting features and tools. This version – EdgeView 15 – will help you monitor your network more effectively, leading to lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

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Now available: a method to connect both legacy EdgeView and EdgeView 15. This method enables you to monitor both older and current generation EdgeMarc devices in a single pane of glass, allowing you to transition to this exciting new platform seamlessly.

If you’ve been on the fence about moving to the new version of EdgeView, now is the time. In addition to supporting old and new devices, EdgeView now has an embedded auto-provisioning capability, enabling you to manage your installations more effectively and always apply the correct configuration and firmware level.

Also note that if you’re a current EdgeView customer, you’ll be allotted a 1:1 license transfer to the new EdgeView. As an example, if you’ve purchased 100 EdgeView licenses, you’ll be given 100 licenses in the new EdgeView.


For this reason, we have provided you with both a presentation and FAQ below to provide you with more information about the transition from EdgeView 14 to EdgeView 15. Also, fill out the form or contact your Ribbon (formerly Edgewater Networks) sales representative to get up and running on the new EdgeView.



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What is EdgeView Version 15 (EV15)?

The EdgeView Service Control Center (SCC) Is Edgewater’s (now Ribbon Communications) network-based platform for element management, troubleshooting, and analytics. EdgeView version 15 is a completely re-engineered platform with all the capabilities you’re previously enjoyed.

Redesigned user experience: EdgeView 15 greatly improves the user experience. A dashboard view provides a summary of key performance indicators. Devices are organized more logically, and tasks are more easily executed. In addition, exciting new features such as Environmental Analysis, Auto Provisioning, and end point quality measurements.

EMpath (RabbitMQ): Empath, based off the RabbitMQ message broker, is the improved communication channel between EdgeMarc devices and EV15. EMpath provides a secure, persistent connection between EM devices and EV15, as well as enabling greater scalability and expanding the volume of metrics that can be efficiently transmitted.

Database: EV15 employs a completely new database scheme (NoSQL) designed to efficiently support a “big data” environment. EV15 can collect performance statistics on millions of call sessions, enabling rich data trending and proactive analytics.

Containerized deployment: Docker will enable the efficient storage and expansion of EV. Docker can run in any environment (KVM, VMware, bare metal server, …), and offers an easy way to upgrade features while improving application performance and reducing resource requirements (memory, storage, …).

Additional information about EV15 can be found here .

What devices can connect to EV15?

A prerequisite for EV15 connectivity is the EdgeMarc must run at least version 15.0 of EdgeMarc firmware and be able to connect via the EMpath communication API. Legacy EdgeMarc devices do not have the processing capacity to meet these requirements. Given this, EdgeView is limited to the following EdgeMarcs: 2900 series, 4700 series 1 , 4800 series, and 7000 series devices.

1 Note that 4700-series devices can connect to EdgeView 15 but they cannot support SD-WAN.
If I have older generation EdgeMarcs, how should I proceed?

Up until now, if you have legacy EdgeMarc devices and want to use EdgeView, you had to use EdgeView v14. In December 2018, Ribbon will unveil the ability to pair your old EdgeView (v14) with EdgeView 15. This will be a single pane of glass experience where all devices will be viewable and manageable.

For more information on the user experience of EdgeView 14 paired with EdgeView 15, please refer to the animated slideshow found here .

As an existing customer using EdgeView 14, how will licensing work for EdgeView 15?

Existing EdgeView customers will be allotted licenses for EdgeView 15 on a 1:1 basis. In other words, if you purchased 100 EdgeView licenses in the past, you will be given 100 EdgeView 15 licenses. Future purchases to add EdgeView capacity will be the same as previous.

How will licensing work in EdgeView 15?

Licensing for EV15 is similar to EdgeView 14, with a few exceptions. Licenses are still based on the number of nodes, or EdgeMarcs. However, instead of having a hard licensing limit in as in EV14 (meaning you were unable to add devices above your purchased limit), EdgeView 15 will be a ‘soft’ license limit. Ribbon will monitor your license consumption on a regular basis. If you are getting close to your limit, we’ll remind you to add additional node licenses. You will be able to go over your limit, but if you don’t purchase additional licenses, the EdgeView functionality for those devices may be impaired.

What about SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a new functionality that enables you to more effectively manage voice and data quality across multiple WAN connections. Currently, SD-WAN is available for Cloud2Edge customers only, but will be added to perpetual customers in the near future. More about SD-WAN can be found here.